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A tribute to a simple man with simple wishes.

About this website:

This website is created as a tribute to a beloved man, to our beloved brother, Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista (Feb. 12, 1988 - Oct. 29, 2011). This site will showcase Latest News about him and his Family, Ramgen's story, and the Ram Revilla Murder Case.

Latest News:

Want to be updated about everything that is related to Ram Revilla, his Family and ofcourse the case? Here, we will post updates of the latest news we believe that needs to be shared with everyone.

Murder case:

In this section you will be able to read details of the case, such as the timeline of events and other things that are significant in the case. Also, in here you will be able to read the testimonies of the witnesses and how we answered it.

RJ Bautista is Innocent

Why do we say that? In this section you will be able to read why, on how we have also proven their lies. Time and again, lies will be exposed.