2nd Death Anniversary: Who is Ramgen?

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Who is Ramgen?


Ramgen is the first born child of a family of 9. Born with a given name of Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista on Feb. 12, 1988 to Ramon “Jose A. Bautista” Revilla, Sr. and Genelyn Magsaysay.

Ramgen’s Legacy

It has been 2 years since the death of a beloved man, whose wishes were just simple. For some of you may already know, Ramgen before his death was truly a loving man and has a heart for the masses. He wanted to establish a foundation called “Agimat ng Kabataan“, wherein its main purpose is to serve the kids – to prevent the youths against illegal activities.

Agimat ng Kabataan

Ramgen with kids.

He failed to incorporate the foundation but he did not fail to serve.

Agimat ng Kabataan Logo

Agimat ng Kabataan Logo of Ram Revilla, a foundation he wanted to build.

Before his death, if I can remember correctly, that every weekend he will do a “feeding program” for malnourished children in Imus, Cavite and even a “Educational program” wherein he will distribute school supplies and will show an education TV show such as the classic “Sineskwela” and others, right after he will conduct a “quiz” for the kids and if they get it right they’ll have a prize. Even without a political office, Ramgen was able to serve even in his small little ways.

Political dreams

Ram Revilla with Gov. Remulla and Mayor Saki

Ram Revilla with Gov. Remulla and Mayor Saki

  • Last 2010, Ram Revilla wanted to run for vice-mayor of Imus, together with Mayor Saquilaian – his supposed running mate, who won the elections last 2010. For the record, Ramon Revilla, Sr. was already going to support Ramgen for his political ambition. However, due to some problems he was forced not to run anymore.
  • In 2013, Ramgen was planning to run for councilor. However, his dreams were just dreams, because to whoever killed him did not give a chance to achieve it anymore. All his dreams were brought down with him and died with him.

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