Hearing Update

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Hearing Update: Starting October 2013, we will post in here upcoming hearing dates and the details of the hearing.

Hearing Update (02-11-2014): Prosecution presented 8th witness

It has been discussed during the hearing that the witness wasn’t ready to ‘present’ his supposed witnessing as he was not able to answer questions directly due to the fact that he kept on looking for his notes and reading it for 3-5 minutes before testifying again, which somehow made the defense lawyers object to this kind of attitude which the judge agreed that next time he should be ready. Continue reading

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Hearing Update (10-18-13): Motion for Reconsideration // Motion to allow RJ to attend Death Anniversary

Motion for Reconsideration hearing. Prosecution and defense are given 15 days each to comment and reply. Also, RJ Bautista allowed to visit Ramgen’s grave on his 2nd death anniversary. Continue reading

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