Hall of Shamers

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We offer this section -Hall of Shamers- in this Tribute Site to those people who have shamed, humiliated, judged, and persecuted us. This is a reminder to us, moreover to them as well, as to what they have done to us, as we have done nothing wrong to them.Yes, you have wasted time on us by deliberating shaming us on social media, we’ll also do our part for forever reminding us of who you are, and especially reminding you of what kind of person you are.

If you have judged us so quickly by all those name-callings, how different are you to the things you’ve said to us? As a matter of fact we are better than you for we have done nothing wrong to you. You just believed what the media has fed you, but is it enough justification?

But then, we thank you, for you guys have only made us stronger. God bless you all! (I will add people here whenever I have time.)


  • Jaymi @jaymeelara_
  • Tush Gumpal @thevintagebomb
  • Nina Unown @isis_of_march
  • Chai Haydie Mariano @iammechai
  • Dori Dael-Salvador @iamchikadoraa
  • Jayar Sevilla Pingol @JayarPingol
  • Miya @LightYoFireSeop
  • Jeniffer Calderon @JenOCalderon
  • Claire Dimalanta @claireramos_
  • Aprilloise Amores @axramos
  • Vhon Efron-Grey @levhon
  • Christy @kyusneck
  • Rose Perez @cutiehotmom
  • Renz Tarnate @renzmitchell
  • Julienne David @juliennedavid
  • Mitot Lalu @myie_lalu
  • G Bravo @gBrav0
  • Chem Berluf @Chemberluf
  • Miggyboy @RafhaeLorenzada

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