Court documents

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This page will contain all Court documents that are related to the Ram Revilla Murder Case. Court documents such as the Defense Documents, Court Orders / Resolutions, Transcript of Stenographical Notes (TSN), and even the Prosecution Documents.

You can freely download all the documents for you to be enlightened to what is really happening inside the court room. Note: We are in the process of scanning the documents. As the documents are in large quantities, we may not be able to upload everything immediately.

Note: At the end of each TSNs there will be an ORDER stated by the judge. In that ORDER, the judge states the summary of what happened on that hearing and other orders he commands; such as subpoena other witnesses, etc.

Document Archive: Search

Title Download
PI: Police Investigation Recommendation filed at Prosecutor’s Office
  1 files      34 downloads
RJ’s Manifestation (re: To resolve the petition for bail)
  1 files      72 downloads
Counter-Affidavit of Ronald Ancajas (Regarding Complaint of Genelyn Magsaysay)
  1 files      26 downloads
Counter-Affidavit of Ruel Puzon (Regarding Complaint of Genelyn Magsaysay)
  1 files      28 downloads
Anatomical Design of Ramgen’s inflicted wounds
  1 files      43 downloads
Compaint-Affidavit of Genelyn Magsaysay vs Ronald Ancajas and Ruel Puzon
  1 files      103 downloads
RJ’s Memorandum (In support for Petition for Bail)
  1 files      193 downloads
TSN (090412) – Ronaldo Ancajas
  1 files      71 downloads
RJ’s Manifestation (re: Order to Manifest to present evidence or not)
  1 files      160 downloads
Prosecution’s Formal Offer of Evidence (042513)
  1 files      174 downloads
Order (101813) – Motion for Reconsideration // Motion to allow RJ to attend Death Anniversary
  1 files      74 downloads
RJ’s Motion for Reconsideration regarding the denial to Bail.
  1 files      184 downloads
Prosecution’s comment to the Motion for Reconsideration for the Bail (102513)
  1 files      158 downloads
Order (090413) – Petition for Bail Resolution
  1 files      198 downloads

To be uploaded

  • TSN from all of the hearings
  • Court Orders that the court has ordered from day 1.
  • Prosecution documents that they have filed in court
  • Defense documents that we have filed in court

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