Arraignment and Pre-Trial

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  • Nov. 16, 2011 is the original set date for the arraignment, however it was reset to Jan. 17, 2012 since there was a pending motion that needs to be resolved first.

  • On January 17, 2012, RJ Bautista, Michael Nartea, and Roy Francis Tolisora pleaded “NOT GUILTY” to charges against them.
  • On January 2012, Ryan Pastera, Glaiza Visda, and Norwin dela Cruz pleaded “NOT GUILTY” to charges against them.

Charge sheet / Information

The accusatory allegations of the ”amended criminal information” indicting all the accused for the non-bailable offense of murder are as follows:

“The undersigned Assistant City Prosecutor accuses, Ramon Joseph Bautista, Michael Jay Nartea alias “MICHAEL”, Roy Francis Tolisora alias “KIKO”, Ramona Bautista alias “MARA”, Glaiza Visda alias “GLAIZA VISTA”¸ Norwin dela Cruz alias “TOTO”, and Ryan Pastera alias “BRYAN” of the crime of murder, committed as follows:

That on or about the 28th day of October 2011, at the City of Parañaque, Philippines and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court, the above named accused, conspiring and confederating together and all of them mutually helping and aiding one another with intent to kill, did then and there willfully, and unlawfully and feloniously attack, shoot with unlicensed firearm and stab with a bladed weapon one RAMGEN JOSE BAUTISTA y MAGSAYSAY, hitting him on the different parts of the body, thereby inflicting upon him serious physical injuries which directly caused his death, the said killing having been attended by the qualifying circumstances of treachery, evident premeditation, committed in consideration of a price, reward or promise, and abuse of superior strength, and the attendant ordinary aggravating circumstances of a crime committed in a dwelling during nighttime and employment of disguise which qualify such killing to Murder.”


  • March 1, 2012 is the original set date for the Pre-trial, however it was reset to March 15, 2012, due to the “pre-marking of evidence” must be set first.

  • March 15, 2012, the second set date for the Pre-trial, however it was reset again and scheduled on March 19, 2012 due to the ”absence” of State Prosecutor Quetulio.
  • March 19, 2012, Pre-trial pushed through. All pre-marked evidence ”accepted”.

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