In so far the Petition for Bail is concerned, the prosecution have presented a total of seven (7) witnesses. And… More for the main trial ( to be added)

In here we will detail the testimony/statements of the witnesses as well our comment(s) to their testimony/statements.

1st Witness: SPO4 Charlie Bayoca

The first witness for the prosecution is SPO4 Charlie Bayoca. The witness testified that he was then the Chief of the Follow-Up Section of the Parañaque Police Station. Continue reading

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2nd Witness: Ruel Puzon (Star witness)

Contents1 Star Witness Ruel Puzon’s testimony compared to his statements.2 TESTIMONY IN COURT3 CROSS EXAMINATION with comparison with the discrepancies to the exisiting Sworn Statement of the witness:4 Analysis Star Witness Ruel Puzon’s testimony compared to his statements. TESTIMONY IN COURT Testimony date: June 5, 19, July 17, 24, and … Continue reading

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3rd Witness: Ronald Ancajas

The third witness is Ronaldo Ancajas. He testified, that he is the assistant of Ramgen Bautista starting 2007. Continue reading

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Prosecution Witnesses:

SPO4 Charlie Bayoca

First witness of the prosecution is Senior Police Officer 4 Charlie Bayoca of the Philippine National Police.
Senior Police Officer 4 (SPO4) Bayoca, one of the police officers who apprehended the two (2) accused, Roy Francis Tolisora (Tolisora) and Michael Jay Nartea (Nartea). He only testified that he was part of the team who arrested the two (2) accused. Also, that he was present during the 'interrogation' of the star witness, Ruel Puzon. Defense lawyers said that he is incompetent to answer other questions about the case as he is only the arresting officer. He has no personality in the case as a whole.

Ruel Puzon

Second witness of the prosecution is Ruel Puzon the alleged star witness. The supposed "replacement" gunman
  • He testified that on Oct. 12, 2011, he was visited at his home by suspects Glaiza Visda, Michael Jay Nartea, Norwin dela Cruz and a certain "alias Bryan", while inside a vehicle, the four supposedly narrated their foiled attempt to kill Ram Revilla that morning. He said that on early morning of Oct. 12, Nartea and Tolisora went to the home of Revilla in BF Homes, Parañaque City allegedly to kill Revilla. However, the attempt failed since when the gunmen knocked on Revilla's room they heard a gun cock then they aborted the plan.
  • That same day, he also allegedly witnessed the act of this certain "alias Bryan" commanding Tolisora to return the .45 caliber gun since he will be replaced. He said, he witnessed the gun being returned to dela Cruz, however upon cross-examination in court, he changed his answer, that he saw the gun being returned to "alias Bryan".
  • And on Oct. 14, 2011, Nartea went to Puzon's house and then called a person called as "alias Bryan" to ask for money. Moments after, "alias Bryan" arrived with an unidentified male with money amounting to P19,000, which turned out to be RJ Bautista.
  • And on Oct. 17, 2011, Nartea, "alias Bryan", and Puzon went to Revilla's residence to do some surveillance. Puzon told police investogators that this "alias Bryan" allegedly called up RJ Bautista to ask for Revilla’s plate number. However, in his testimony in court, he changed the persons he was with, instead of being with Nartea and "alias Bryan" he is now with dela Cruz and "alias Bryan".
  • And finally, on Oct. 19, 2011, this was the last meeting with Puzon. Puzon testified that after this alleged meeting the group ''never'' contacted him ever again, even after that he should be the replacement gunman. When the judge find some of what he is saying hard to believe he asked the witness, "are you lying?" 1
  • Puzon told the police that the gunmen, Tolisora and Nartea were to be paid Php 200,000. And Visda and dela Cruz's role was to monitor the movements of Revilla. He also stated that he was only doing this as an act, that he has no intention to be the replacement gunman, that he will only swindle the money given to him. He also testified that he received a "Christmas gift" worth Php 15,000 from Chief of Intelligence of the Parañaque Police, ''Police Chief Inspector Ferjen Torred'' last Dec., 2011. 2
  • Ruel Puzon, the star witness of the prosecution, revealed a lot of allegations regarding the death of Ram Revilla. However, said fact that he does not have any personal knowledge as to what transpired on the evening of Oct. 28, 2011, assuming it to be true, just the failed attempts. 3
  • However, after his giving his testimonies and statements it somehow revealed to have a lot inconsistencies. As even pointed by him on his testimony of having huge discrepancies on his sworn statement and testimony in court.
  • Ruel Puzon tried to pin the accused to being the financier of the deal being in the car on the alleged "Oct. 14, 2011" meeting, this statement is just based on conjectures, surmises, and speculation.
  • He was not there at the crime scene at the time of its commitment. He did not see who shot Ram Revilla or wounded Janelle Manahan. His statement did not prove anything that RJ Bautista or other accused really participated in the well-written script that this witness is saying.
  • And by in large, clearly appears on his testimony not only bordered on perjury but even more his acts speaks for itself to have dwelled in the realm of fallacious statements at the expense of justice. The numerous odd inconsistencies are so vital for the witness to answer but he resorted to of switching personas in his testimony.
  • The court asked the witness for its clarificatory questions, and in query asked if the group ever contacted him again after the last Oct. 19 meeting? He said "No." Meaning, after all the alleged purported meetings and giving him money as he was the replacement gunman, according to him, he was never contacted again and nothing at all transpired.
Testimony date: June 5, 19, July 17, 24, and Sept. 18, 2012

Ronald Flores Ancajas

Third witness of the prosecution is Ronald Flores Ancajas, the guard and aide of Ram Revilla.
  • He testified that on the night of the murder of Revilla, that he never heard anything as he was sleeping. And that he allegedly only noticed Revilla's siblings RJ and Ramona Bautista walking towards the subdivision's exit, walking just meters apart (He said that he is 15 meters away from RJ Bautista and the guard house is 18 meters away from him 4). And he was just awaken by the security guard of the village, Niño Tabada, at around 12:40am when the body of Revilla was sent to the hospital (page 56 5).

  • He also testified that he received reward money in part of the Php 500,000.
  • Ancajas mentioned that he did not hear anything at all and did not notice anything unusual that night except the alleged sightings of the siblings of the victim. Let's analyze it, Ancajas was awake obviously when he "saw" RJ and Ramona Bautista, assuming it to be true, he did not hear the shouting of Janelle but suddenly when the police came with security guard Tabada they heard a voice of a female asking for help at the garage - the garage is below Ramgen's room and at the above portion of the garage is the living quarters of Ronald Ancajas. At the time of the crime happened even the maid of the Bautista's heard a female voice shouting, but Ancajas did not, when in fact the room of the maids and his are just beside each other - maybe Ancajas is playing a deaf ear or he is the assailant.
  • SO WE ASSUME THAT HE REALLY DID NOT HEAR ANYTHING that he was really sleeping... Let's explain the supposed "seeing the siblings going out of the village". It was revealed during the "Ocular Inspection" last April 17, 2012 that it is physically impossible to see from his room people walking towards the village's gate at the distance of 15 meters from his place as the view is blocked by two houses. Don't believe us? Check THIS; post wherein we've provided a map from the point of view of Ancajas to where he supposedly saw the siblings. SEE THIS POST TO SEE PROOF: VIDEO and IMAGE.
  • Finally, what has been proven is that Niño Tabada and Ronald Ancajas in both of their statements and testimonies, that they LIED and PERJURED themselves especially in a delicate situation wherein they both corroborated on unfounded and malicious accusations against the siblings of the victim.
  • Testimony date: Sept. 4, 2012

    Dr. Dominic Aguda

    Fourth witness of the prosecution is Dr. Dominic Aguda, the NBI medico-legal officer
    Dr. Dominic Aguda, the medico-legal officer who performed Ram Revilla's autopsy and other examinations. 6 the medico legal officer has no bearing on the accused as the witness merely expounded on the milieu leading to the death of the accused brother’ RAMGEN. The doctor has NO personal knowledge as to the identity of the who committed the offense changed.
    Testimony date: Oct. 9, 2012

    Janelle Ann Caren Q. Manahan

    Fifth witness of the prosecution is Janelle Manahan, the former girlfriend of Ram Revilla.
    • On Oct. 23, 2012, Manahan just narrated what happened during that fateful night and also detailed some possible motives of the alleged principal masterminds. 7 She detailed that Revilla hurts his siblings and that she is also a battered girlfriend. 8
    • Manahan said she only implicated the siblings as according to what she noticed that she failed to discern any emotional manifestations on the siblings. 9
    • To read Manahan's statement about the faithful night itself, on how the murder transpired base on her side, click here.
    • Janelle Manahan was at the scene of the crime and has been shot with .45 caliber at close range or was it a 9mm? Different version had been laid down what is evident has so testified by authorities and to those who responded that she was for 45 minutes inside the room of RAMGEN and inspite of injury was able to putting off the lights, and the air-conditioning and even texting etc., sorely lacking in any direct knowledge of who is or are the culprits and yet initiated action against the accused and even the other sisters which the Honorable Prosecutor office of the Paranaque City dismissed the case as filed for evident lack of merit.
    • However, Manahan failed to shed light on, is that when did the supposed "hurting his siblings" happen? That happened years and years ago. Like any other family out there, families fight, they even don't talk each other at times, but eventually they will reconcile in which all of the incidents mentioned were all a misunderstanding, especially Manahan in some cases are not even there to witness it, a clear hearsay. And this supposed incidents have nothing to do with the case. Moreover, we believe Manahan just wants to destroy the name of our brother to gain more supporters for the wrong reasons. For Heaven's sake our brother cannot rise from dead to defend himself anymore as he sacrificed his life in defense of Manahan and Ramona Bautista on that faithful night.
    • In sum, she testified that since the accused did not have the look of “Mourning”, then he is already probably guilty not to further mention in fact that even in public this witness even dwelled on her dreams and other statements that are not evidentiary in nature. She is clearly no eyewitness at all, as she did not see the identity of the assailant(s).
    • The accused asks himself “since when did not having a look of mourning make one guilty of any crime much less murder?” It is not sufficient that the suspect exhibits unusual or strange acts or simply appears suspicious. Further, the witness clearly admitted and confirmed under oath that majority of what she knows came from her lawyers and not through her personal direct knowledge.
    • There is nothing in this jurisdiction that would convict a person based on speculations or surmise.
    Testimony date: Oct. 23, Nov. 6, Dec. 6 (Reset, Manahan is allegedly in Europe), Dec. 11, 2012, Feb. 26 (Reset, Manahan is absent 10), March 19 (Reset), March 26 (Reset, Manahan is absent) and April 2, 2013

    Sheridan Embat

    The sixth witness of the prosecution is Sheridan Embat, the fraternity brother of Pastera.
    • The prosecution said that this witness was the first principal "connector" between the middleman "alias Brian" and the gunmen.

    • In the affidavit he submitted to Assistant City Prosecutor Leah Roma, Embat claimed that he and Ryan Pastera met on Sept. 26, 2011 at a birthday party. 11
    • He alleged that Ryan Pastera asked him if he knew a hitman, and right then and there he gave Roy Francis Tolisora's number.
    • On Oct. 12, Embat said that he was present when Pastera gave Php 50,000 to Roy Francis Tolisora to buy the equipment he needed for killing Ram Revilla, including a motorcycle.
    • He said that he was promised to be paid Php 200,000.00 as a finder's fee and Php 800,000.00 up to Php 1,000,000.00 for the hired killer/s. Although after giving details of the said "gunman" he does not know anything anymore after he gave the number of the said gunman. He volunteered to be a witness as he was bothered by his conscience.
    • A lawyer of the defense said that Sheridan Embat should also be charged since he admitted that he is an accessory to the crime. 12

    • What is weird is that he agreed to do the deed because of the supposed Php200,000 finder's fee and yet he never insisted of the money be paid to him. And the price for the contract to kill is Php800,000 according to him, then suddenly it just became Php200,000 said by Ruel Puzon.
    Testimony date: Nov. 20 and Dec. 4, 2012

    Niño Tabada

    The seventh and last witness in regards to the petition for bail of the prosecution is Niño Tabada, one of the security guards of the subdividion where the crime happened.
    As per Niño Tabada's (Tabada) recollection in his sworn statement and testimonies in court. 13 14 15
    • He said he was a roving guard from 8:00pm to 8:00am on Oct. 28, 2011 (Page 1, No. 5 16). He said he conducted roving at 10:00pm inside the village that night and ended at 10:45pm (Page 17 17). And when he was returning to his post he allegedly saw RJ Bautista going towards the village's exit (Page 19 18) he said, he was "weird" and wearing a long sleeves and maong jeans (Page 3, No.29 19). He saw RJ Bautista going out at exactly 10:54pm (Page 3, No.23 20). The ordinary long sleeves shirt looks like fatigue, green, fitted and looks like a corduroy (Page 23 21).
    • He also witness Ronald Ancajas coming in the village at around 9:30/45pm with a plastic bag (Page 58/59 22).
    • He said the patrol mobile of the police came at 12:15am (Page 1, No. 9 23), since someone called 117. They proceeded to the house and went to the maid and driver's quarters where the aide of Revilla resides, Ronald Ancajas, however he is still fast asleep (Page 54 24) despite the noise they created by slamming the gate and shouting (Page 2, No.11 25) then they proceeded upstairs since they heard a voice of a female asking for help (page 53 Ancajas was ONLY awaken at around 12:40am by Tabada himself by going up to Ancajas' room through the ladder (page 56 26).
    • He also testified that he received Php 20,000 and an additional Php 5,000 after his testimony (Page 29 27).
    • According to his sworn statement from the police dated Oct. 29, 2011 and when subjected to cross examination by the defense, his credibility shattered when he admitted that he did not really conducted a roving activity within the village (Page 4, No.38 28).
    • What is bugging us is the fact that he lied and perjured himself under oath when he said he conducted a roving activity in the village and ofcourse the COINSIDENCE of Tabada and Ancajas having the same story, when in fact when Ancajas said that he was still awake at around 11:00pm when the supposed crime happened and the supposed sightings of RJ and Ramona Bautista, he DID NOT HEAR ANYTHING, but as Tabada explained they were able to hear a voice of a girl (Manahan's) asking for help. Ramgen's room is just below Ancajas' even the maids heard a female voice 'shouting' 29. What is disturbing is that Ancajas' did not hear anything at all - maybe playing a deaf ear or he is the assailant.
    • What has been proven is that Niño Tabada and Ronald Ancajas in both of their statements and testimonies, that they LIED and PERJURED themselves especially in a delicate situation wherein they both corroborated on unfounded and malicious accusations against the siblings of the victim.
    Testimony date: March 12 and 19, 2013

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