Ram Revilla should be 26 years old by now…

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Born as Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista to JoseRamon Revilla, Sr.Acuña Bautista and Genelyn Magsaysay on February 12, 1988. Click here to see Ram Revilla’s Biography and other details you may wish to find out. — He should be 26 years old today.

We wish we could say “Happy Birthday 26th Birthday to you, Ramgen!“… However we could not… As with obvious reasons that you’re not here with us, but we believe that you’re in a happy place with Jesus Christ. You are now, ever since, in the place of comfort. We miss you so much! We miss the “father and eldest brother figure” that you were.

Cheers to you as we bet you miss drinking your favorite Black Label. We miss drinking it with you.

As we always say, “You are gone, but never will be forgotten.

Here’s a short clip entitled “Remembering Ramgen Jose “Ram Revilla” Magsaysay Bautista”.

A tribute, share your memories of him!


A tribute to a simple man with simple wishes. Who and what is Ram Revilla or simply Ramgen to you? Are you his friend? A fan? Share us your memories of him and make it part of this tribute! Send us your message and we will add your testimonial about him here.

How to send us a message? You can use the form at this page and in there you will see "Click here to submit your testimonial" below that page or you can use our "Contact Us" page or by sending us an email at admin@ramrevilla.net. Note: Negative comments will not be entertained especially if it contain libelous materials. Always be reminded of the word respect.


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