Death, Wake & Burial

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Ram Revilla was murdered in their family residence at BF Homes in Parañaque City on October 28, 2011 with his younger sister Ramona and former girlfriend Janelle Manahan present in the crime scene.

Revilla sustained 11 stab wounds on his body and a gunshot to the left side of his chest and Manahan suffered 2 gunshots on her face and shoulder, while Ramona was left uninjured due to the fact that Ram Revilla was able to save them from further attacks by fighting and locking-up the door.

October 28, 2011

The family of Ram Revilla (Revilla) scheduled a trip to Baguio City for Ram Joshua Bautista, a plebe, in Philippine Military Academy for his Recognition Day scheduled last Oct. 29, 2011. 1 Revilla wasn’t able to come since he has prior commitments that was scheduled beforehand.

As per Janelle Manahan’s (Manahan) recollection in her statements and testimonies. 2

In the fateful night of Oct. 28, 2011, Revilla and Manahan was exercising at the ‘lanai’ or the exercise area of the family before they proceeded to Revilla’s room (Page 87 3).

Revilla just finished showering while Janelle is on the dresser sitting infront of the mirror when Ramona knocked at the door to get Revilla’s captured video to, Manahan opened it and left it open (Page 41 4), after around 5 minutes the assailant suddenly appeared, he didn’t go inside the room, he was just by the door (Page 42 5)

Manahan was seating on the chair facing the mirror and without any warning the assailant shot her right away. The first shot landed on her right shoulder and then when she looked at the assailant she was shot under her left eye (Page 96 6 ), 7 when she was shot twice, the assailant did not do anything for ONE (1) minute, it was only when the gun man reacted when Revilla was able to run towards him after Ramona shouted to Revilla that Manahan was shot (Page 74/89 8).

Ramona said she ducked and saw blood on the floor when she looked up, she saw Revilla wrestling with the gunman. 9

Revilla and the assailant fought outside the door which prevented Manahan to see what’s happening, during this time she was still seated infront of the mirror bowing down (Page 75 10).

The commotion lasted for about 5 minutes (Page 92 11). Ramgen retreated back to his room and slammed the door. The suspect’s hand was hit and he was forced to retreat as Ramgen was able to lock the door, Ramona said. 12

Janelle was now on the floor, still conscious. She asked Ramona to call for help but the latter, panicking, said she did not know who to call. Janelle said Ramona tried to call RJ but his cellphone was turned off. Ramona offered to drive Janelle and Revilla to the hospital but couldn’t find the keys to the car. She then left the house after. [Ref]http://www. Ramona tried to help[/ref]

When Ramona left Janelle was able to close and lock the door, then closed the lights, the TV, the aircon, the electric fan, the lamp and then made sure then windows are locked in her weakened condition (Page 83 13

She said help arrived probably 45 minutes after, she was just seated by the window and not trying to make any noise, she and Revilla wasn’t moving at that time and she’s unaware if Revilla is still breathing or not (Page 84 14).

When the help arrived she was able to walk to the ambulance while the others are getting Revilla to the stretcher to bring him to the ambulance. When they arrived at the Parañaque Medical she just walked towards the receptionist’s chair and waited for another 10–15 minutes before Manahan approached a Nurse to inform that she was also injured (Page 104 15).

She was never treated the whole time for about two (2) hours because the hospital is waiting for parental consent (Page 105 16), when her relatives arrived her shoulder was stitched and they just cleaned her wounds (Page 106 17).

After that, she was rushed to Asian Hospital by Bong Revilla (Page 107 18). She was never informed that Revilla is dead already at that time.

According to her estimation, the gun used when she was shot was a “black 9mm. with silencer” (Page 37 19). Before the incident they are not in a relationship anymore with Revilla.



Ramgen Jose "Ram Revilla" Bautista

On Oct. 29, 2011, the first day of the wake of Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista or Ram Revilla was full of members of his family and friends, including his supporters and fans. Numerous Philippine personalities visited Ram Revilla’s wake, even President Benigno Aquino III said his condolences thru presidential deputy spokesperson Abigail Valte and expressed that he might attend Revilla’s wake to pay his respect personally, however due to a busy schedule, the president wasn’t able to go.

A mass was held in the last night of Ram Revilla’s wake last Nov. 1, 2011. His remains was buried last Nov. 2, 2011 at 2:00pm.



Close friends of Ramgen carrying his casket to his final resting place.

Ram Revilla was laid to rest at the Revilla Mausoleum located at Angelus Eternal Garden in Toclong, Imus, Cavite with his family and closest friends leading the funeral rites.

Ram Revilla’s father, Ramon Revilla, Sr., failed to attend Ram Revilla’s funeral as he was at the hospital due to an emergency.


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