Reaction of people about the statement of Ramon Revilla, Sr.

Today, I googled several news establishments about the news concerning the release of the Official Statement of Revilla, Sr. about the Ramgen Case. I’ve seen several comments of people liking the statement and several are against it.

Former Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr. voluntarily made that Official Statement on Oct. 17, on the 20th Birthday of his son, RJ Bautista.


We are appealing to the public not to prejudge us again. You say we’re guilty of the crime of murder against our very own eldest brother, but isn’t it true that you don’t know anything about the case — except from what you’ve watched from the television that came from unknown, polluted sources? 

In court, we have already proven that their statements are way way unbelievable. Especially the statements of Personal Assistant of Ramgen, Ronald Ancajas and the village’s security guard, Nino Tabada. (See proof of lies of Ronald Ancajas and read testimony of other prosecution witnesses)

“Murderers and thieves”

First of all, Ramon Revilla, Sr. is not involved in any controversies. He started and ended his political career with good judgement with the people. He was already well-off even before he entered politics. Please don’t be quick to judge since the reputation he built is not for you to destroy. Ramon Revilla, Sr. is different from the Ramgen Case that involves RJ and Ramona Bautista and he is much different from the Pork Barrel investigation. He served the people well. For 12 years in Senate he was able to enact laws that is very helpful to us Filipinos. He just made a statement about how he felt towards the Ramgen Case and that’s it.

Please, do not include the Pork Barrel investigation with the Ramgen Case. The statement of Ramon Revilla, Sr. has nothing to do with the Pork Barrel or with Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr.. Ramon Revilla, Sr. voluntarily released that statement for the public to know his very own emotion about the case since he has kept silent about it for two (2) years. Now, you are prejudging again the results of the investigation. Please open your eyes and ears to the real investigation, to the real case that has been happening inside the court room.

Clearly, you are now angry because of what the media has said about the involvement of Bong Revilla in the Pork Barrel scam, but is it proven that he really did it? No! But please do not involve the Ramgen Case and the statement of Revilla, Sr.

You might ask, why just now? Why after two (2) years?

Revilla, Sr. is 86 years old. He is sick. He even wasn’t able to attend Ramgen’s funeral as he was at the hospital. On that day, he just wanted to let the people know what he felt about the denial of the bail of his son, RJ. Better late than never. He was just asking for prayers for justice for Ramgen, Ramona and RJ.

Ed de Leon (PhilStar): maybe fake thumbmark

An article which suprised us most is an article by the Philippine Star written by columnist, Mr. Ed de Leon. 
(Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon, Sen. Revilla ipinagtanggol ang anak na suspek sa pagpatay kay Ramgen ni Ed de Leon)

This columnist suggests that the thumbmark might be fake, if in fact he really did his research he would have been able to reach the real article on which pictures are shown that Revilla, Sr. indeed made the statement and has been signed by his very own thumbmark, he couldn’t sign his signature since his right hand is paralyzed.

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