Handcuffs spoil RJ Bautista’s reunion with dad Ramon Revilla Sr.

Handcuffs spoil RJ Bautista’s reunion with dad Ramon Revilla Sr

October 29, 2013 | 3:22pm

Instead of breaking into a wide smile, former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. frowned when he met his son Ramon Joseph “RJ” Bautista again after two years.

The reason? The Revilla patriarch saw Bautista wearing handcuffs, a reminder that his son remains a prisoner (Personal correction: RJ Bautista is not a prisoner, but a DETAINEE in JAIL. A prisoner is a convicted criminal that stays inside the prison) who is being tried for a crime he insists he had nothing to do with.

Revilla and Bautista had a reunion Tuesday when the former senator visited the burial site of RJ’s older brother Ramgen Revilla, one of his sons with Genelyn Magsaysay.

In the video shown on GMA News TV’s “Balitanghali,” the elder Revilla looked displeased as Bautista approached him at the memorial park accompanied by several jail guards.

When Bautista leaned to kiss his father on the cheek, Revilla was overheard asking his companions: “Ba’t meron ‘to?” referring to the handcuffs his son was wearing.

Bautista had to explain to his father that wearing handcuffs was a standard procedure for inmates who were allowed by court to be temporarily released from jail.

“Bawal po kasing tanggalin, dad… Procedure po kasi ‘to,” Bautista told Revilla.

Earlier this month, the Parañaque City Regional Trial Court allowed Bautista to temporarily leave prison for six hours on October 29 to visit Ramgen’s burial site in Cavite to commemorate his second death anniversary.

Ramgen was stabbed and shot inside the family’s house in Parañaque City on October 28, 2011.

Bautista and his sister Ramona have been tagged as suspects in Ramgen’s death and in the frustrated murder of Ramgen’s girlfriend Janelle Manahan, who sustained a gunshot wound to her face.

Despite pleading not guilty to the charges filed against him, Bautista remains in prison while Ramona has fled to Turkey.

Revilla, who has been rarely seen in public because of poor health, issued a statement last week insisting his children had nothing to do with Ramgen’s death.

Magsaysay said in the television report that seeing Bautista out of jail for a few hours has made her and the rest of the family very happy on Ramgen’s second death anniversary.

“Masayang-masaya kami ng aking pamilya kasi kahit na may lungkot kaming nararamdaman dahil death anniversary ni Ramgen, kasama naman namin ngayon si Ramon Joseph para alalahanin yung mga memories na naiwan ni Ramgen,” she said.

Magsaysay said authorities will only make progress in finding out the actual masterminds behind Ramgen’s murder once the court declares Bautista is innocent.

“Pag napatunayang inosente si Ramon Joseph, doon lang tayo magkakaroon ng lead kung sino talaga ang mastermind at pumatay kay [Ramgen],” she said.

Bautista’s camp has filed a motion for reconsideration asking the court to grant his petition for bail, which it previously denied. — Xianne Arcangel/KBK, GMA News. source

[Video] 2nd Death Anniversary: Still being missed, share your testimony of Ramgen! How can we find real justice?

Today, Oct. 29, 2013 will officially mark the 2nd Death Anniversary of Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista also known as Ram Revilla. He died around 11:30pm on Oct. 28, 2011 and officially declared dead on arrival on the early morning of Oct. 29, 2011.

Last year, we offered our prayers for justice to be served but until now we don’t have answers to our questions. Also, family and friends released balloons saying their messages for Ramgen. (See 1st Death Anniversary details)

And yesterday, Oct. 28, 2013, we commemorated Ramgen’s 2nd Death Anniversary with our family members. Again like last year, RJ Bautista was allowed to visit for the 2nd time the grave of our beloved eldest brother and now which made it more exceptional was that our Father, Ramon Revilla, Sr. and our other half-siblings were able to attend it and remember Ramgen with us. This is also the first time that our Father and almost the whole clan was able to be reunited once again after the tragic incident. (See also: Ramon Revilla, Sr.’s Official Statement about the Ramgen Case and also check the 2nd Death Anniversary Page with pictures)

The Magsaysay’s, Bautista’s and the Revilla’s sung

With Ramon Revilla, Sr., family and the church, we sung this hymn:

  1. There was a time,
    when you feel that you are lonely.
    There was a time,
    when you feel you’re alone.
    Remember my brothers,
    that Jesus loves you so.
    A love that would change your life.

    Yes, I love you,
    with the love of the Lord forever.
    I love you with all my heart.
    Yes, I love you,
    with the love of the Lord forever.
    My brothers and sisters love you so.

  2. Can you see the sunshine,
    shinning in the sky.
    Can you see the rainbow,
    reflecting on the sea?
    Remember my sisters,
    that Jesus loves you so
    a love that would change your life.
    (Repeat chorus)

We know, in this world, we are never going to be complete again, sad but we must face reality. Ramgen is with our Creator, he is in the place of comfort. And I’m sure even if we haven’t seen each other for a long period of time, I know that he is still watching us and guiding us.

Share you memories with Ram Revilla


A tribute to a simple man with simple wishes. Who and what is Ram Revilla or simply Ramgen to you? Are you his friend? A fan? Share us your memories of him and make it part of this tribute! Send us your message and we will add your testimonial about him here.

How to send us a message? You can use the form at this page and in there you will see "Click here to submit your testimonial" below that page or you can use our "Contact Us" page or by sending us an email at admin@ramrevilla.net. Note: Negative comments will not be entertained especially if it contain libelous materials. Always be reminded of the word respect.

Mahirap mamatayan ng mahal sa buhay. At lalong mahirap kung ang mahal mo sa buhay dumanaa ng di magandang kamatayan... -- Father Ed, during Ramgen's interment.

Gallery of photos

See gallery photos at this link.

How will we have the justice that Ramgen truly deserve?

Ramgen is a Hero. If it weren't for him, Janelle Manahan and Ramona wouldn't be alive today, he died because he was able the fight and save Janelle and Ramona.

But, how? Where is the real justice? We don't know, because the police stopped doing their jobs when they were able to concoct an incredible story. However, we believe there might be a way. The only way we believe is first to find out why those witnesses lied during their testimonies and pinpointing the innocents:

  • As all of you may know, Ronald Ancajas, Ramgen's personal aide and boxing trainer. In his statements we found out that he lied. How could he not hear the noises created upstairs when the room of Ramgen is just below his room, especially when he said he "saw" RJ and Ramona walking out of the village while Janelle is asking for help. (See evidence: Video: Ocular. Proof of Ronald Ancajas lies)
  • Nino Tabada, duty security guard of the village. He said that he did not notice anything unusual, except when he saw RJ Bautista walking out of the village when he just finished roving. However, in court he admitted that he did not conduct any roving activity within the area. (Read his testimony in here)
  • How about the others? Well we believe they are just fall guys, as they admitted, who wanted to have part of the reward money before when they appeared on national television. Roy Francis Tolisora and Michael Jay Nartea, the supposed gunmen, admitted that they were just fallguys and they did not know the victim's brother, RJ Bautista. (Check this video wherein he admitted that he did not know RJ Bautista, but then during the preliminary investigation he changed his statement)

2nd Death Anniversary: Who is Ramgen?

Who is Ramgen?


Ramgen is the first born child of a family of 9. Born with a given name of Ramgen Jose Magsaysay Bautista on Feb. 12, 1988 to Ramon “Jose A. Bautista” Revilla, Sr. and Genelyn Magsaysay.

Ramgen’s Legacy

It has been 2 years since the death of a beloved man, whose wishes were just simple. For some of you may already know, Ramgen before his death was truly a loving man and has a heart for the masses. He wanted to establish a foundation called “Agimat ng Kabataan“, wherein its main purpose is to serve the kids – to prevent the youths against illegal activities.

Agimat ng Kabataan

Ramgen with kids.

He failed to incorporate the foundation but he did not fail to serve.

Agimat ng Kabataan Logo

Agimat ng Kabataan Logo of Ram Revilla, a foundation he wanted to build.

Before his death, if I can remember correctly, that every weekend he will do a “feeding program” for malnourished children in Imus, Cavite and even a “Educational program” wherein he will distribute school supplies and will show an education TV show such as the classic “Sineskwela” and others, right after he will conduct a “quiz” for the kids and if they get it right they’ll have a prize. Even without a political office, Ramgen was able to serve even in his small little ways.

Political dreams

Ram Revilla with Gov. Remulla and Mayor Saki

Ram Revilla with Gov. Remulla and Mayor Saki

  • Last 2010, Ram Revilla wanted to run for vice-mayor of Imus, together with Mayor Saquilaian – his supposed running mate, who won the elections last 2010. For the record, Ramon Revilla, Sr. was already going to support Ramgen for his political ambition. However, due to some problems he was forced not to run anymore.
  • In 2013, Ramgen was planning to run for councilor. However, his dreams were just dreams, because to whoever killed him did not give a chance to achieve it anymore. All his dreams were brought down with him and died with him.

Reaction of people about the statement of Ramon Revilla, Sr.

Today, I googled several news establishments about the news concerning the release of the Official Statement of Revilla, Sr. about the Ramgen Case. I’ve seen several comments of people liking the statement and several are against it.

Former Senator Ramon Revilla, Sr. voluntarily made that Official Statement on Oct. 17, on the 20th Birthday of his son, RJ Bautista.


We are appealing to the public not to prejudge us again. You say we’re guilty of the crime of murder against our very own eldest brother, but isn’t it true that you don’t know anything about the case — except from what you’ve watched from the television that came from unknown, polluted sources? 

In court, we have already proven that their statements are way way unbelievable. Especially the statements of Personal Assistant of Ramgen, Ronald Ancajas and the village’s security guard, Nino Tabada. (See proof of lies of Ronald Ancajas and read testimony of other prosecution witnesses)

“Murderers and thieves”

First of all, Ramon Revilla, Sr. is not involved in any controversies. He started and ended his political career with good judgement with the people. He was already well-off even before he entered politics. Please don’t be quick to judge since the reputation he built is not for you to destroy. Ramon Revilla, Sr. is different from the Ramgen Case that involves RJ and Ramona Bautista and he is much different from the Pork Barrel investigation. He served the people well. For 12 years in Senate he was able to enact laws that is very helpful to us Filipinos. He just made a statement about how he felt towards the Ramgen Case and that’s it.

Please, do not include the Pork Barrel investigation with the Ramgen Case. The statement of Ramon Revilla, Sr. has nothing to do with the Pork Barrel or with Sen. Bong Revilla, Jr.. Ramon Revilla, Sr. voluntarily released that statement for the public to know his very own emotion about the case since he has kept silent about it for two (2) years. Now, you are prejudging again the results of the investigation. Please open your eyes and ears to the real investigation, to the real case that has been happening inside the court room.

Clearly, you are now angry because of what the media has said about the involvement of Bong Revilla in the Pork Barrel scam, but is it proven that he really did it? No! But please do not involve the Ramgen Case and the statement of Revilla, Sr.

You might ask, why just now? Why after two (2) years?

Revilla, Sr. is 86 years old. He is sick. He even wasn’t able to attend Ramgen’s funeral as he was at the hospital. On that day, he just wanted to let the people know what he felt about the denial of the bail of his son, RJ. Better late than never. He was just asking for prayers for justice for Ramgen, Ramona and RJ.

Ed de Leon (PhilStar): maybe fake thumbmark

An article which suprised us most is an article by the Philippine Star written by columnist, Mr. Ed de Leon. 
(Pagkatapos ng dalawang taon, Sen. Revilla ipinagtanggol ang anak na suspek sa pagpatay kay Ramgen ni Ed de Leon)

This columnist suggests that the thumbmark might be fake, if in fact he really did his research he would have been able to reach the real article on which pictures are shown that Revilla, Sr. indeed made the statement and has been signed by his very own thumbmark, he couldn’t sign his signature since his right hand is paralyzed.

Other articles:
InterAksyon article: http://www.interaksyon.com/entertainment/two-years-after-ramgen-murder-revilla-patriarch-says-son-ramon-joseph-innocent/
PEP article: http://www.pep.ph/news/40791/ramon-revilla-sr-on-son-rj39s-involvement-in-ramgen-revilla-murder-case-ldquoinosente-po-ang-aking-anakrdquo
Philippine Star:  http://www.philstar.com/pang-movies/2013/10/22/1247983/pagkatapos-ng-dalawang-taon-sen.-revilla-ipinagtanggol-ang-anak-na

Ramon Revilla, Sr.’s officially aired his emotions about Ramgen Case

Ramon Revilla, Sr. gave his official statement and aired his side about the Ram Revilla Murder Case.

Ramon Revilla Sr. gave his official statement today, Oct. 17, 2013, on the 20th birthday of his son Ramon Joseph (RJ), Ramon Revilla, Sr., father of the deceased, Ram Revilla and murder suspects, Ramona and RJ Bautista officially made his statement for the People of the Philippines thru a letter that has been signed by his thumbmark.

Official Letter of Revilla, Sr.


“Para akong nabagsakan ng mundo ng malaman ko na ang aking anak na si Ramon Joseph ay hindi nabigyan ng piyansa ng hukuman.

Ako po ay naniniwalang hindi magagawa ng anak ko ang ganiyang bagay na karumaldumal.

Ang mga anak ko ay lumaki sa salita ng Panginoon. Isa siyang mabait na anak.



Rancho Bacoor, Cavite, Oct. 17, 2013.

In his statement released on RJ’s birthday, The former senator also appealed to the public to help his family pray for justice for Ramgen, Ramona and RJ.

Atty. Jose Caringal, the Revilla family’s lawyer, said Revilla Sr.’s statement is his way of showing his support to his embattled children now that he is able to communicate.

The elder Revilla has been in frail health in recent years. “Sabi niya (Revilla Sr.), dalawang taon nang nagdurusa ‘yung anak ko diyan (kulungan). Dati may sakit ako kaya ‘di ako makapagbigay ng statement. Ang sabi niya, ‘Now that I can communicate, I want them to know the feeling na ‘yung mismong father niya (RJ) knows him to be innocent,'” he said.

Caringal said Revilla Sr.’s poor health prevented him from writing his own statement. The former senator, however, put his thumbark on the typewritten statement prepared by the lawyer to certify that the words were his own.