[Video] Last video taken by Ram Revilla

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Ram Revilla last video taken before his death

Ram Revilla was happy and smiling hours before he was killed. It was Ram Revilla’s last video, taken a few hours before he was killed in their house in Parañaque. The video was a greeting for his brother who had been accepted at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA). Little did anyone know at the time that the happy greeting would be replaced by sadness for the whole family hours later.

Ram Revilla was killed in his bedroom by two assailants. His girlfriend, Janelle Manahan, was injured and was only recently told of his death as she recuperates at the Asian Hospital. Meanwhile, Revilla’s family is in turmoil as two of his siblings are being implicated in his death.

Also included in the video is the statement of Ram’s mother, the former Genelyn Magsaysay. She told the media that Ram was a good son and a good brother who acted as his siblings’ father. He loved his siblings and they loved him in return. Genelyn Magsaysay says that her children would not do anything to harm their kuya. (GMA News)

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