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Welcome to the Ram Revilla tribute website!

Browse through the website to find interesting reads about Ram Revilla, read his biography or check out Ramgen’s gallery.

A tribute website: A tribute to a simple man with simple wishes. Who and what is Ram Revilla or simply Ramgen to you? Are you his friend? A fan? Share us your memories of him and make it part of this tribute! Send us your message and we will add your testimonial about him here.

Or if you’re here to get some updates about the Ram Revilla Murder Case, you came to the right place! Below you can browse:

  • Are you looking for the details of the murder case? Read here.

  • Or are you looking for timeline of events of the case? Read here.
  • Or are you interested about the Prosecution Witnesses and hear some of their lies? Read here.
  • Or maybe, why we believe RJ and Ramona Bautista are innocent? Read here.
  • Want to contact us? Click here.

interesting reads about Ram Revilla,

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